Party Planning Ideas

Looking to have a party? The Gamers Club is the best place to party and game with ease. Our setup caters to all of your party needs from the games as entertainment to our superior sound system for music. We even have music, TV and lights in our restroom so the party never ends as long as you’re inside of TGC. Your party could be as simple just renting our location or having one of our experienced gaming party planners organize your whole event from start to finish. Providing the best experience possible with you having to do the least amount of work. The Gamers Club is partnered with a variety of restaurants and bakeries that would provide gaming cakes.

To ensure we cater to all types of parties our prices vary for different renting options. From renting out one level (upper or lower) or The Entire Gamers Club location for a set amount of hours. We offer early gaming specials, mid-day packages and late night to closing rentals. Our gaming party specialist will give you pricing options based on the day, time, amount of hours and if you need our services for catering and party planning upon booking.

Make your party the type of experience that you will never forget. Something your friends can always think back to when they think of you. Memories that won’t fade with time but only make you yearn to experience it again. Let The Gamers Club make all of this a reality for you and your friends.